I also found it a bit difficult to follow along with the branding of Spotify. So I will try and help to layout out some solid ground work to get you started.



  • Pantone 376 1
  • HEX = #81b71a
  • RGB = 129,183,26

Light Set 3

  • White: #ffffff
  • Black: #000000
  • Grey: #999999
  • Lt. Grey: #e6e6e6
  • Blue: #0993c7
  • Green: #82b919
  • Blue-Green: #19b9b7

Dark Set 3

  • Black: #000000
  • Dark Grey: #262626
  • Grey: #999999
  • White: #ffffff
  • Orange: #ff6000
  • Red: #f25555
  • Yellow: #ebd411


The Spotify logo is a custom font called "Spotify Lagom Bold and it’s a tweaked version of the typeface Akkurat" 2

They also use a hand sketch font that is custom and it sort of looks like Sketch Block. The same font I used in the title.

You can find other fonts on their UI Guidelines page.